Changes at Osseo Apartments Force Residents to Move:

Changes are coming to an Osseo apartment complex that some residents aren't happy about. Residents of the 6th Avenue Apartments say future renovations are disruptive and will result in them having to find new homes. A new office building and exercise room will be built on the old pool site of the complex, pending city council approval. The apartments will also be renovated, which does not need city approval. The news, however, is difficult for some tenants, who claim they have been kicked to the curb with just two months notice and now have… Read More

The Connection

Winter Salt Use Tips:  You can help prevent storm water pollution by applying liquid de-icer before snow storms.… Read More

Mayor's Minutes

Osseo Mayor’s Minutes:  Osseo Mayor Duane Poppe sits down with Dave Kiser to talk about some city staff retirements,… Read More

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