Brooklyn Park Police Raise Concerns About Rise of ‘Ghost Guns’:

Brooklyn Park police are concerned about a rise in so-called "ghost guns." Officials say they are seeing a significant increase of these types of weapons being used in crimes. A ghost gun is a privately manufactured firearm. Some people use 3D printers or purchase kits to make them. Kits often come 80 percent complete. "You can buy those, and they're not considered guns. All they are is a piece of plastic. A piece of polymer, that's the material they're made of," explained Brooklyn Park police Inspector Elliot… Read More

The Connection

National Night Out in Brooklyn Park:  It's time to party in Brooklyn Park! National Night Out is coming up Tuesday, August… Read More

Mayor's Minutes & More

Brooklyn Park Mayor’s Minutes 7/18/22:  Brooklyn Park Mayor Lisa Jacobson sits down with Dave Kiser to talk about new… Read More

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