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CCX Media is committed to helping members of our community create local video content. Your support will assist us in continuing that mission![give_form id="42553" show_title="true"]More than a TV station The local programming you see on CCX Create’s channels is produced by members of our nine-city community—our family, friends, neighbors, and nonprofits.    Most share hobbies and interests they’re passionate about, but sometimes it becomes more . . .  “Everybody Has a Story” provides a forum for formerly incarcerated men and women to… Read More

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New protocols are in place.

What's New at CCX Create

There are some changes happening in Phase 3. Yes, we are going to ramp up activity, just a little! You can read more about Phase 3 changes (set to begin Tuesday, August 4) here on the website

Please contact staff at or 763.278.4330 for studio, edit, and portable equipment availability. You can also make reservations using our online scheduling program, RueShare. Please allow extra time for communication of new protocols you will need to follow when you come to the building.

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