Gardeners On Alert for Latest Invasive Species: Jumping Worms:

Jumping worms, native to East Asia, are bad news for Minnesota soils. Not only do they eat away the roots of plants like hosta, but they destroy the top two inches of soil, which makes soil easier to erode. Dr. Lee Frelich, head of the Center for Forest Ecology at the University of Minnesota, has been tracking these creatures for some time. "About 15 years ago I would say when some of them appeared in Loring Park and they killed a bunch of hostas in the garden there," said Frelich. "I saw those hostas sitting there and you could… Read More

The Connection

Brooklyn Center’s Community Cleanup:  The good news is that spring is definitely here! The bad news is with that… Read More

Mayor's Minutes & More

Brooklyn Center update to the community from Acting City Manager Reggie Edwards – April 21, 2021:  CCX Media… Read More

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