How Crystal Police Enforces Stay-At-Home Order:

Getting arrested or ticketed in violation of Governor Tim Walz's stay-at-home order is a concern among local residents.  However, Crystal Deputy Police Chief Brian Hubbard explained that there's no desire to arrest or ticket anyone. "This really isn't a law enforcement issue, as much as it's a public health issue," said Hubbard. "We are not aggressively enforcing this law. If we get a phone call of a group that's gathering, we have public health obligations to say you need to move along and you need to not gather like this." Hubbard said it's… Read More

The Connection

Bulky Waste Curbside Cleanup is Happening!:  The Bulky Waste Curbside Cleanup is happening now through Thursday, April 9… Read More

Mayor's Minutes & More

Crystal Mayor’s Minutes March 2020:  Crystal Mayor Jim Adams talks about the Bulky Waste Curbside Cleanup happening… Read More

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