Crystal Hatches Plan to Prevent Canadian Geese Pollution:

Minnesota's bodies of water provide picturesque scenery and valuable resources for all walks of life. Keeping those bodies of water clean is a difficult, yet important task. “I do believe that the water restoration in the area around the ponds needs to be done,” said Crystal Mayor Jim Adams. Adams is referring specifically to Winnetka Pond in Crystal, which officials say is in need of attention. “In some places it's actually as shallow as one foot deep because the sediment has filed in, and so there's a project this summer to… Read More

The Connection

Crystal 2040 Comp Plan Open House:  Interested in what the city of Crystal is planning for the future? Attend the upcoming… Read More

Mayor's Minutes

Crystal Mayor’s Minutes:  Crystal Mayor Jim Adams talks about the upcoming Crystal Ball which is coming up Saturday,… Read More

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