Standout Student: Evelyn Speers of Perpich Arts High School:

The arts speak to senior Evelyn Speers, so attending Perpich Arts High School feels like a dream.  "Everday I kind of walk in feeling like it's not real, everyday I'm here, it kind of feels like a dream that I'm here," said Speers, a senior at Perpich Center for Arts Education in Golden Valley There's good reason the theater department holds power for the 17-year-old Speers. "Before I came here my self-esteem was just like rock bottom, but then ever since I've gotten here, I've been able to express who I truly am and not be afraid… Read More

24th Annual Run the Valley

April 21, 2018 at Brookview

The Connection

Register for Run the Valley!:  Register now for Run the Valley coming up Saturday, April 21 at Brookview Golden Valley.… Read More

Mayor's Minutes

Golden Valley Mayor’s Minutes – February 12, 2018:  Dave Kiser sits down with Golden Valley Mayor Shep Harris… Read More

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