Allianz Creates Human Chain of Giving in Golden Valley:

Hundreds of employees from Golden Valley-based, Allianz, lined up Friday afternoon to create a human chain. The human chain moves donations into trucks where they are shipped to families in need. “This really is the culmination of months of work,” says Allianz CEO Walter White. "Both from the employees that organize it and all the employees who make donations over a concentrated multi-week period. Mostly though, today is the celebration.” Making the Holiday Joyful For all  With smiling faces and full hearts, Allianz employees… Read More

The Connection

Neighborhood Watch Reboot:  Golden Valley's Neighborhood Watch Program is getting a reboot in 2019 with new zones,… Read More

Mayor's Minutes & More

Golden Valley Mayor’s Minutes:  Golden Valley Mayor Shep Harris talks about flood mitigation and pedestrian projects… Read More

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