In the Garden: motivation for timid gardeners
Step inside any garden center and the tranquility and beauty of flowers and plants have natural appeal. It's a beauty available to anyone with the motivation to learn, says plant guru Donna Atallian of Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery.

"Every person can garden if they have a want to want to garden," said Atallian, a certified nursery and landscape profession.

Gardening 101: Think small, simple, and know specifics

If you're just beginning: think small with just a couple yard plantings this year and know specifics when
you're ready to buy the plants. Atallian says be prepared to answer these question when you come to a garden center.

"I want them to know where are you going to put it? Is it going to be sunny or is it going to be shady? What height do they want? Are they going to use it for a special occasion? Is it for a graduation, or a one time thing that they only want it for this year," says Atallian.

Annuals are a one-time deal that will produce beautiful blooms this summer. Planting perennials means having a flowering plant that will return year after year.

False indigo & sedum are good perennials for beginners

Here are two perennial ideas for the yard that will grow a little bigger each year.

"False indigo is blooming now," says Atallian. "It has a really nice tap root, so it looks like a shrub, but it isn't a shrub. The nice thing about the false indigo is it dies down to the ground in the winter time and then comes back up in the spring."

If regular watering won't fit your schedule, consider planting succulents such as sedum. You may only have to water this flowering perennial about once a week.

"We have six different varieties [of sedum] here," says Atallian. "It just shows you a variety of color here."

Some varieties of sedum provide a nice ground cover and flower in the summer, while others grow a little taller and flower in the fall.

If you're ready to garden, don't be shy, says Atallian. Give it a try this summer, just remember to keep it small and simple for success.

"Just try a couple things, don't try a whole lot because if you add too much, you're going to be overwhelmed."

if you're a new homeowner, one other idea is to plant a tree this year because you will have the benefit of seeing it grow and mature with each year you're living in the house.

Alexandra Renslo reporting
Twitter: @alexrenslo

June 1, 2017


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