Money Savers: preserving your snowblower
Robbinsdale Marine is focusing on lawnmowers and getting ready for the boating season these days. But before you move on to summer, a little work on your snowblower could make it last longer and save you money on repairs in the fall.

"Generally about $100 for a carb rebuild and to get things going that's been sitting with old fuel in it," says Paul King, a master service technician at Robbinsdale Marine.

King says many problems can be avoided by simply emptying the gas.

"We get a lot of stale fuel," King said. "Today's fuels have a very short shelf life. We have 30 days on ethanol blended fuel. We recommended people buy a gallon at a time."

That way you would be more likely to use it up before it goes stale. But in a year like this with little snow, chances are you have gasoline left over in your snow blower.

King says empty it by running the engine, or siphoning it out of the snow blower tank. Otherwise, expect problems caused by old gasoline when the snow returns.

"It starts to carmelize and it plugs the jetting up so that when we do put the fresh fuel on there its all carmelized up into the jetting and now we are no longer able to suck fuel up through the carburator and into the motor to start the unit," said King.

You can also loosen a drain nut at the bottom to drain out any gas in the carburetor itself.

Hennepin County also recommends lubricating and greasing the drive and chassis as needed. You may want to remove the spark plug and squirt some fogging oil in the top of the engine through the spark plug hole to lubricate the pistons and cylinders. That should help assure they do not rust or corrode before the next season.

Then, just think about summer.

Mike Johnson, reporting

March 29, 2017


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