Business Matters: Valentine's Day impact
When it comes to Valentine's Day, chocolates, flowers, and dinner reservations are some of the top ways to mark the occasion. Since the holiday falls on Tuesday this year, the weekend before and after are also popular times to celebrate, and in this week's Business Matters report, we take a look at three local businesses that heart the holiday.

Flower Power

Tradition rules on Valentine's Day, and roses are still the king and queen of the holiday at Bachman's in Plymouth.

"What's most popular would be the red roses, very, very traditional," says store manager Renae Chesley.

For those in the business of flowers, Feb. 14 and the day or two before might as well be the Super Bowl of sales.

"The gentlemen who are buying for their Valentine's tend to wait until the last day, so they're coming in today and tomorrow for the most part," says Chesley. "We've taken a number of orders already. We're well prepared, we've got arrangements made, flowers are ready to go."

Second only to Mother's Day in terms of sales, Valentine's Day is a big deal at the local Plymouth shop.Teams will assemble around 300 rose and custom floral arrangements at the Plymouth location alone, but company wide, Bachman's will create up to 7,500 fresh floral arrangements between February 12 and Valentine's Day.

Roses may reign supreme, but there's plenty of other options that will last long beyond February. Chesley says behind roses, orchids, lilies, and tulips are also popular choices.

"Orchids last a long time, one, two, three months, depending on the variety and the bud stage."

Cupcakes satisfy the sweet tooth

At Nadia Cakes in Maple Grove, sweetness comes in many varieties for Valentine's. It's one of the shops busiest time periods of all year.

"Typically it lasts about 2–4 days," says store manager Jessica Henderson-Wood. "This year we did about five days, but it just kind of matters where it [Valentine's Day] falls in the week."

Planning begins months in advance to bring specialty cupcakes such as "Be My Lemontine," "Chocolate Dipped Strawberry," and "Pretty in Pink" to the February lineup, along with the popular "My Bloody Valentine."

There are so many choices, you can decide whether one cupcake or a dozen will do.

Italians speak the language of love

"It's Valentine's. It's a special day for the lover," says chef Francesco Suglia of Nonna Rosa's restaurant in Robbinsdale.

Chef Suglia and his wife, Tina, are in the middle of a week long celebration of love at their restaurant in Robbinsdale. They have heart-shaped ravioli and crab cakes and reservations for approximately 200 people Tuesday night.

"We have to be a well oiled machine to accommodate that many people," says Tina Suglia. "The good news is that it's our seventh Valentine's and so we know what we're doing. We've got it figured out."

They've even got a special martini this month with candy hearts and Pop Rocks to celebrate the earliest of loves.

"Nothing beats that first love or puppy love," says Tina Suglia.

Nonna Rosa's ends their week long celebration of Valentine's with a local wedding in the restaurant this coming weekend.

Alexandra Renslo reporting
Twitter: @alexrenslo

February 13, 2017


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